Standards of Conduct is a certification that every employee must take on an annual basis. The goal of the survey is to verify that the company is meeting all Farm Credit Association regulations and that we are not in violation of any items. The previous tool was not intuitive at all and the questions were written in too much legalese. Employees dreaded having to fill out their certification. 

Using that knowledge allowed us to create a brand new tool that was much more intuitive and made everyone’s lives just a little bit easier (and maybe even just a bit more fun too).

LED Processes Used: User Research, Sketching, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Wireframes, Visual Design 


I had the luxury of getting an early start on this tool which allowed more time for business and user research, sketching, wire framing and doing usability testing on a prototype. I involved the business owners on all the tasks which gave them a greater understanding of all the UX practices. After doing the first round of usability testing and seeing some areas that needed improvement a second round was conducted. This helped greatly to create a tool that was easy for our users.



In addition to taking the annual certification, employees must have the ability to update their certification throughout the year if any items change. Creating this quick access guide was very beneficial and tested very well in usability testing. The top six frequent reasons to update the certification were taken from the history of previous years. 


If an employee answers yes to any question their certification must be reviewed by a Standards of Conduct official to make sure that they are still within the regulation and not in violation. Out of the 1,600 employees about 40% need to be reviewed. With this new admin tool, Standards of Conduct officials have cut review times down by more than half.